AntiMatter Games has joined with Cathal Entertainment, creators of the Grace Flynn Chronicles, to produce tales of mystery and adventure from the world of ShadowSea and DeepWars. The first stories will focus on Dr. Isabella Johannes, scientist, archeologist and adventurer, within the hidden realm of the Underlands and its dark and foreboding Shadow Sea. Join Isabella as she faces terrifying creatures from a lost world to lay claim to untold fortunes!



"CATHAL Forge" is a unique publishing opportunity and experience for the fans of Independent role-playing and tabletop games. P. L. McCall II has created a line of novels and anthologies that allow independent gaming companies to showcase their game worlds through a line of fiction, that they oversee and will be produced for the enjoyment of their fans worldwide. 

Creating a game world and maintaining it, is a great deal of work. We at CATHAL are experienced with helping game creators bring their fiction dreams to life. We want to create great stories and engage fans of these amazing IPs through exciting new fiction. 

Below you will find information about our current clients.  

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