P. L. McCall II has created a new, epic, fantasy story where the blending of two realms creates a magical system unlike any other.

This new world will push the limits of modern fantasy writing and long standing tropes. This strange world has been carefully crafted and combines two genres that none would have linked together. 

The Efreet Empire has begun!   

P. L. McCall II has embarked upon an adventure, like no other.  His creation, GRACE FLYNN will journey through a multiverse of dark oceans and mysterious lands, some familiar and many unknown.

These stories will not alter the current GRACE FLYNN CHRONICLES timelines or story arcs. However, they will allow the fans of the present series to see their heroine, in unexpected adventures and allow P. L. McCall to work with other creative entities such as (AnitMatter Games). 


Grace Flynn - ShadowSea Crossover

ShadowSea – Conquest of the Underground World, or simply “ShadowSea”, is a tactical miniatures game set in an alternate history of Earth in the 17th century, where an underground world was lost to history until seekers of fortune ventured into the nighted depths to confront the rulers of the ancient seas and guardians of forgotten relics. Ten years have passed since the initial discovery, the surface entrance now frozen shut, yet adventurers have returned through a deep underground ocean entrance within ancient salvaged submersibles to again challenge the forces of the Underlands.​

Ing The Viking

In 2011, PLMII successfully published ING THE VIKING and in 2012 completed a Kickstarter for the "Part II" of this anthology series.  

P. L. McCall II's beloved Norse inspired fantasy will be re-released in 2018, with new fiction and much..much more.

ShadowSea - Copyright - AntiMatter Games 2018